One Purpose – End Human Trafficking

The Three Musketeers said it best, “All for 1 and 1 for All.” It is our belief that as human beings we are all the same. When we remember our oneness, a beautiful, united front is established and no feat is too great.

Human Trafficking - One Purpose

Why Human Trafficking Flourishes Today

Foreigners (Americans included) have traveled and continue to travel to Cambodia to exploit and sexually pervade Cambodian children and young women. We have a social obligation to fight back by taking responsibility and choosing to protect innocence, no matter whose soil it is on.

Together1heart: A New Model Approach To End Human Trafficking:


It takes five minutes to rescue a girl, then what? – Somaly Mam

T1h provisions include:
• Medical/Psychological/Emotional care
• Sisterhood/alternate family/security
• Housing/clothing/food/safety
• Group healing/confidence-building
• Interpersonal relationships/trust-building • Love without conditions

Education and Training:

Every human rights violation begins with a lack of education. – AnnaLynne McCord

T1h provisions include:
• Access to primary/secondary schooling
• English/Art/Dance classes
• Internship opportunities
• Higher education scholarships
• Vocational training/apprenticeships

To enforce, one must first know one’s right.


Even though I now accept me, the world may not. – Survivor’s fear

T1h provisions include:
• Relationship-building tools
• Complete self-acceptance
• Empowerment through education
• Worldwide support through global partners
• Guidance from those who have gone before
• Pay-it-forward practices for continued healing
• Staff-support visits when reintegrating with family
• Open-door policy for alumni survivors

They are the wings, we create the wind.

Sustainability: (Economic Empowerment)

Self-independence marks the final steps towards long-term healing for a survivor to embark upon the path towards creating a new identity and living a life of meaning and purpose.

T1h provisions include:
• Housing assistance
• Start-up costs/micro-loans
• Infrastructure mentoring
• Progress follow-up
• Continued psychological support
• Life-long survivor network